Mrigendra-Samjhana Paediatrics Research Grant

Mrigendra-Samjhana Paediatrics Research Grant

Eligibility Criteria and Conditions

1. The candidate should be pursuing MD Paediatrics from an institution (within Nepal) recognized by MEC or a junior paediatrician or a medical officer (in order of priority as above) working in Nepal.

2. If the proposal is not received from any MD resident, then the junior paediatrician (not more than three years from the date of MD completion) and if it is still not received by them, then the grant can be given to a medical officer registered in NMC or to any other paediatrician.

3. The proposal should be cleared by the IRB of the concerned Institution/College/University/Hospital/NHRC or the proof of the submission of proposal in respective ethical committee has to be submitted.

4. The candidate shall be the Principal Investigator for the project, however the supervisor/guide for the project should be a life member of NEPAS and from the Department of Paediatrics of the same institution/college/hospital or organisation.

5. The funds can only be utilized for the purpose of procuring reagents, kits, or for covering cost of laboratory investigations, minor equipment, administrative & managerial work, hiring human resource etc.)

6. A contract paper will be signed between NEPAS and the PI of the study.

7. The research work should not be in regard to clinical trials for regulatory purpose, or with involvement of any pharmaceutical company.

8. The candidate will need to submit a table of costs with receipt after completion of the project.

9. The PI and supervisor involved in research project will ensure that they submit their works in JNEPAS compulsorily, as in the signed contract. In case otherwise, the PI should mention this in the proposal itself and get official permission from NEPAS beforehand. If any individual is found to have submitted or published it in any journal other than JNPS without prior permission, then he/she and the team of authors will be asked to write a letter of explanation which if not submitted will be blacklisted and will not be given any such opportunities in the future.

10. The work should be conducted during the stipulated time given by the research unit of NEPAS which includes data analysis and report preparation (usually six months before the final MD exam in case of PG students and six months or one year of grant approval in case of other than PG Residents).

11. The PI will need to submit a table of costs with receipt after completion of the project.

12. NEPAS shall decide upon the final recipient of the award.

13. Further details can be found in the website or in the office of NEPAS E-Mail: [email protected]; [email protected]

14. The NEPAS grant application form can be downloaded from here.