The Nepal Paediatric Society (NEPAS) is a non-profit professional organization comprised of pediatricians in Nepal. Its primary objective is to promote the holistic growth and well-being of children in the country. NEPAS is dedicated to various aspects of child health, including preventive measures, advocacy for child rights, professional advancement, and the welfare of its members.

Established in 1981 A.D by a dedicated group of pediatricians in Nepal, NEPAS has been actively contributing to the advancement of community child health. Collaborating with various national and international partners focused on child health and child rights, NEPAS endeavors to support and endorse child health policies, strategies, and interventions developed by esteemed organizations such as WHO, UNICEF, USAID, RCPCH and other relevant agencies. NEPAS has been closely working with these agencies to establish Oral Rehydration Therapy (ORT) units and provide training for healthcare professionals in areas such as ARI, diarrhea, malnutrition, breastfeeding, vitamin A, and IMCI, among others.

It has also been involved in preparing different guidelines and protocols, as well as helping in providing trainings with collaboration to Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP). During COVID 19 pandemics, it has prepared the guidelines for COVID 19 management in children, had conducted the virtual training for management of COVID 19 to health workers. It has also done COVID-19 vaccine advocacy for the children. NEPAS has also contributed in nutritional program, training on nutritional support, health education during earthquake 2015. It has helped government to find out and help in management during measles outbreaks in Rupandehi and disease of unknown origin in Bhajang.

It has been involved in national trainings like pediatric essential critical care, small and sick new born. It has played a major role in carrying out training for doctors and nurses for districts hospital in clinical management of diarrhea and ARI through a project sponsored by USAID in 1985 and as well as in natural disasters and COVID 19 pandemics.

Advocating for Children’s Rights, Supporting their Health: NEPAS, Empowering Pediatricians in Nepal

The Nepal Paediatric Society (NEPAS) is a non-profit organization composed of pediatricians in Nepal. Its aim is to promote the well-being of children in Nepal by advocating for their rights and supporting their health through preventative measures. NEPAS also focuses on the professional development and welfare of its members.

NEPAS Mission and Vision


The mission of Nepal Paediatric Society (NEPAS) is to strive for the overall development of the children of Nepal by supporting child right issues, child health including preventive measures, and professional upgrading and welfare of its members.


The vision of Nepal Paediatric Society (NEPAS) is to play a pivotal role in the development of community child health by endorsing child health policies, strategies, and interventions developed by WHO, UNICEF, USAID, and other agencies working in the field of child health, and by establishing extended paediatric services in the suburbs of Kathmandu valley and running free clinics in its premises in Pulchok Lalitpur.

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