Official Newsletter of Nepal Paediatric Society March, 2024

Signing of MoU between NEPAS & NNF India

NEPAS Paediatricians attending the 8th ReSViNET Conference February 13-16,2024 in Mumbai, India.

Vaccines to Vaccination (V2V), Training of Trainers,2023

Vaccines to Vaccination (V2V), Training of Trainers,2023

NEPAS-RCPCH Meeting in Progress.

NEPAS President Speech on NEPAS-RCPCH meet 2023

RCPCH Delegates and National Stake holder Meet.


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Maj. Gen. Dr. Arun Kumar Neopane (Retd)

Maj. Gen. Dr. Arun Kumar Neopane (Retd)

President - Nepal Pediatric Society

Message from Our President

Respected seniors, friends, colleagues, juniors, and others, I am honored to be elected as the President of the Nepal Paediatric Society (NEPAS) for the next two years. NEPAS has made significant progress since its establishment in 1981, working to enhance healthcare standards for children in Nepal. Our primary objective is to improve children’s health by advocating for healthcare system improvements, raising awareness about preventable illnesses, and promoting excellence in education and research.

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Dr. Ram Hari Chapagain

Dr. Ram Hari Chapagain

Spokesperson, Nepal Pediatric Society

Advocating for Children’s Rights, Supporting their Health: NEPAS, Empowering Pediatricians in Nepal

The Nepal Paediatric Society (NEPAS) is a non-profit organization composed of paediatricians in Nepal. Its aim is to promote the well-being of children in Nepal by advocating for their rights and supporting their health through preventative measures. NEPAS also focuses on the professional development and welfare of its members.


We aspire to be a guiding force that empowers the holistic development of Nepalese children by championing their rights, promoting comprehensive child health initiatives, and nurturing a community of dedicated paediatric professionals. Through our collaborative efforts and proactive engagement, we seek to actively shape and endorse policies, strategies, and interventions related to child health.


The vision of Nepal Paediatric Society (NEPAS) is to play a central and transformative role in advancing child health throughout Nepal by graduating ourselves into an Academy of Paediatricians.


Furthermore, we aim to evolve into a dynamic hub for pioneering child health research, fostering the participation of an expanding network of paediatricians and researchers dedicated to exploring inquiries crucial to the well-being of our nation’s children.


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Gandaki NEPAS Provincial Branch

Karnali NEPAS Provincial Branch

Koshi NEPAS Provincial Branch

Lumbini NEPAS Provincial Branch

Madesh NEPAS Provincial Branch

SudurPashchim NEPAS Provincial Branch

Collaborating Partners

South Asian Paediatric Association (SAPA)

World Health Organization Nepal


Save the Children Nepal

Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health

International Pediatric Association

Asia Pacific Pediatric Association

South Asia Pediatric Association

Indian Academy of Pediatrics

National Neonatology Forum of India