Message from President

Respected seniors, friends, colleagues, juniors, and others, I am honored to be elected as the President of Nepal Paediatric Society (NEPAS) for the next two years. NEPAS has made significant progress since its establishment in 1981, working to enhance healthcare standards for children in Nepal. Our primary objective is to improve children’s health by advocating for healthcare system improvements, raising awareness about preventable illnesses, and promoting excellence in education and research.

To drive positive transformations, we must unite and work together, upholding principles of accountability, transparency, responsibility, mentorship, and good governance. As the President, I will seek guidance and participation from my seniors, colleagues, juniors, and national and international alliance members.

Despite advancements in child healthcare, disparities still exist. Variations in healthcare utilization, discrepancies in care for ethnic and minority children, and concerns about safety and quality persist. We must involve paediatricians in national decision-making processes to address these issues effectively.

Private medical establishments and institutions play a crucial role in supporting child health in Nepal. Enhanced coordination and cooperation are necessary to strengthen national policies. We value partnerships with international sister organizations and support from UNICEF, WHO, and others.

Acknowledging the generation gap among paediatricians, we aim to bridge the divide. We will enhance our membership drive, promote interactions in academics, policy development, and welfare initiatives. Fostering a “fraternal ethos” and sharing knowledge are important.

NEPAS will adopt a proactive approach, advocating for child health policies, promoting knowledge enhancement, education, and skill development. We will support subspecialty services, research, and training opportunities. Restarting CMEs, republishing Ankur newsletter, establishing a Planning, Research, and Development sub-committee, and revitalizing subspecialty sub-committees are among our plans. Constructive criticism and feedback from our members are welcomed.

Together, we will work towards transforming NEPAS into the Nepal Academy of Paediatrics (NAP). Let us be active, work, and enjoy this journey together. Thank You

Maj. Gen. Dr. Arun Kumar Neopane (Retd)

Maj. Gen. Dr. Arun Kumar Neopane (Retd)

President – Nepal Pediatric Society (NEPAS)